David Nastasi is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. He holds two degrees: A Master of Architecture 1, and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation. While in school he interned at Auckett & Associates (Bruxelles, Belgium) and Beyer Blinder Belle (New York). Following his graduation in 2001 David went to work as an apprentice architect for the Greenwhich, CT firm – Hilton VanderHorn Architects. Subsequently, he worked as a designer for Ralph Harvard Inc., an interior decoration firm in New York City and has also done free-lance work for Hamilton Design and Sean Johnson Interior Decoration.

Kate Vail has an MBA from Fordham University and a BA in Art History from Hamilton College. She spent four years as project manager for Nanz Custom Hardware overseeing numerous residential renovation and new construction projects. After receiving her master’s degree she went to work as the head of Canaan Distributor’s New York City office. She has worked on projects with offices of Peter Marino, Bruce Bierman Design and many others.

David and Kate met in their freshmen year at Hamilton College and cemented their friendship and mutual interest in architecture and art while studying in Florence Italy.